Spirituality is different for everyone. Every year people turn to spirituality more and more. Someone chooses church attendance; someone chooses meditation and yoga; someone finds spirituality in helping other people. There is no right or wrong spirituality. But all people who have chosen this path have something that unites them - the desire to understand themselves and realize that they are part of something greater.


On the Path of spirituality, a person faces many problems and processes. All of them are individual and unique, but they have one common root - balance, harmonization, and acceptance of the wisdom of the Universe. Photon energy is pure light energy. Our photon ball gives every person open access to this energy.  When photons penetrate the human body, the light energy harmonizes the energetic and physical internal processes. It is this ability to adjust and realign creating the propulsion of rapid spiritual growth.


Upon contact with the Photon Area, a person receives "necessary" and individual help which provides clarity in problematic areas of life . The Photon energy can be directed by the person himself, by another person-conductor, or ' intelligently" by the ball itself . When the photon energy arrives to the area, it begins to harmonize and purify everything that is in disharmony. In the course of our research, many results were established. Here are some of them:

• Significant reduction of  pain

• cleansing of accumulated emotions

• activation of the body cleansing process

• clearing of mental blocks

• calming  of the mind

 Calming of nervous system

 Harmonizing of Brain hemispheres

• activation of conscious thinking

• balancing the psycho-physical state of a person

• aura harmonization

• increase in the size of the aura

• increase in the protective function of the aura

• strengthening the effects of meditation

• strengthening the effect of prayers


Another uniqueness of our photon ball is the activation of internal DNA codes. The activation of internal codes and the balance of energy processes leads a person to a state of spirituality:

  • A balance between the choice of the mind and heart

  • A balance between the spiritual and the material

  • An inner sense of harmony with the right choice

You can find our practices for activation of internal DNA code here.


We actively cooperate with Healers and Masters of Light. People actively use our photon ball in spiritual practices. Healers, Meditation Masters, Reiki Masters, get remarkable results in their work. Extensive improvements were noticed in practicing chi gong, yoga, and feng shui. With a photon ball, any person gets the opportunity to practice any spiritual direction or practice to another higher level and get unexpected results faster.


Photon ball is successfully used not only individually but also in a group. When the group energy unites several people, the photon area strengthens people's connections. It helps the rapid exchange of energy, which takes the practice to a new level, both for the group and the individual.


In our research, it was noticed that people who actively contact and practice with a photon ball accelerate the process of passing karmic lessons by increasing vibrations. This unique feature allows you to reach a new spiritual level much faster.


Another feature of the photon area is the protective function. Since a photon is pure light energy,  by entering this area, it will naturally provide protection. The photon enhances the natural protective function of the human aura. Thus, he becomes less susceptible to aggressive energy attacks from the outside.


Our latest discovery in studying the work with a photon ball is the transfer of photon energy  from a distance. The human body is a natural conductor. It can conduct any energies and transfer them remotely to an object or another person. Getting into the photon area and directing the energy of healing particles enables another person to receive all the results of the of photon energy at a distance.


The safety and choice of every individual are sacred. Like any light energy, the energy of a photon affects a person only with his internal permission. Any processes activated by this energy are always the choice of the person himself. If a person is not ready or does not want to go through the processes of harmonization and cleansing, the photon energy does not affect him.


Working with a photon ball is individual and intuitive. But our job is to help people. That is why we create a constant updated list of practices and meditations from Masters, Healers, and just active users. These practices will help those who have chosen the Path of Spirituality and want to practice working with a photon at a high level. You can find our practices here.


Our task is to help individuals and create an association where people can communicate and share their experiences and practices.