By nature, people are social beings. Communication with other individuals is a necessary skill. Following the path of technogenic development, humanity begins to lose the required communication skills. A person then withdraws into himself and is increasingly faced with the problem of loneliness and alienation. This creates an internal void.


Another problem that enhances this process is that strict social norms, rules, and "restrictions" lead to the fact that a modern person begins to experience a huge number of fears associated with communication.


Every year humanity becomes more anti-social. This process is in part related to the "over-communication" through technology. The Virtual world cannot replace real in-person social connections. It affects each aspect of life related to communication, such as family, friendships, relationships, and business.


Speech is a necessary communication skill that is slowly being lost. Children start talking later. Adults use jargon and slang. Social networks have their own "simple language". This simple language is without punctuation marks and other rules of speech emotionality. As a result, the person becomes less verbal-emotional. According to this modern person, it is difficult to convey his thoughts and feelings through communication and, even start to loose connection with their feelings.


Our children are indicators of this process. The number of children diagnosed with autism is increasing every year. If a child is not initially sociable by nature, he falls into this risk zone due to the need of live communication.


Speech is not only a communication tool; it is also an emotional purification tool. Conversation is one of the most powerful tools to work with the nervous system. When a person talks about a problem, he can also structure it and look at it from a different angle. Squeezed, unspoken stresses and emotions lead to psychosomatic illnesses, insomnia, diseases of the nervous system, and mental problems.


Photon energy helps a person to get rid of fears and blocks associated with communication. Such a person is easier to start and maintain a conversation. Thus, a person gets rid of what additionally interferes and blocks communication and socialization.  New habits of "communicating" creates new neural connections, which over time become a natural character and skill of a person.


The Photon ball connects with each other to create one common photon area, a person who has contact with a photon ball has the opportunity to be connected to a common photon area and feel this connection. This happens on an unconscious level. Thus, alienation and loneliness disappear, and the person has an inner understanding that he is not alone, but is part of a "connected" community.


When fears and blocks go away, a person has the opportunity and desire to build new healthy social connections in any area of life: work, business, public connection, family, friends, and partners. Additionally, these processes help to rebuild existing connections and fix missed moments in existing relationships.