Each Alkywan product is unique. Each has its characteristics, functions, and scope of work. We want to draw your attention to the differences between the main two products: 

The pair of Mini Photons were created to harmonize all body systems, stabilize the emotional state,  balance the mood, and cleanse fears. The Mini Photons work on the current imbalanced vibrational of a person. Therefore, the effects are felt in real time.  This applies to moods, fears / nervousness, overactive mind chatter, pain and energy. Also, the mini photons help to create more grounding and greatly helps to balance the yin and yang energy.

Mini Photon Balls.
Working with Mini Photons are simple and does not require extensive directions. ( Simply hold in both hands when needed)

We recommend the Mini Photons in the following cases:
-Working with Children to help stabilize their emotional state and concentration.
-No prior experience necessary to work with energy bodies.  
-Fast balancing of (emotions, fears, pain, energy and any bodily system)
-No experience needed in order to direct the photon particles
- Work with Yin Energy
- Deepens self-knowledge practices, meditation, yoga, chi- gong, (inner work)

Large Photon Ball.
The Large Photon Ball is meant to disintegrate the root cause of the problem. His work is deep and surgically precise. We recommend requesting healing to the specific area of the cause. The more specific you can direct your attention to the area ,the result will be more effective. Working at the cellular and DNA level can only be accomplished with the Large Photon Ball. The vibrational level of a person automatically increases when he is working with a Large Ball.

Photon  Pendant
The Photon Pendant can only be bought  as a set with the Large Photon Ball. The pendant is connected to the Large Photon ball which provides remote security from the Photon Area via the Pendant. The Pendant also helps people to create and maintain social connections as well as communication.

New Photon product. 

We are happy to announce upcoming release of a New Photon Product! We will update you very soon!

We created for you the full experience of combining Photon sets of Large Ball and Mini Balls for the most significant benefits.