The Photon Pendant V 1.2


The Photon Pendant can only be bought  as a set with the Large Photon Ball. The pendant is connected to the Large Photon ball which provides remote security from the Photon Area via the Pendant. The Pendant also helps people to create and maintain social connections as well as communication.


The Alkywan pendant is made of the highest quality glass, with specially treated enamel according to our requirements and with a high content of quartz compound. Silica reduces the risk of infectious diseases and stimulates the immune system. It helps the body to high vibrations, to harmonize the personality all day long, to protect it and to establish mental well-being.


The functionality of the pendant is constant and therefore no maintenance is required. The pendant does not need to be rinsed with cold water, and other advantages include the fact that it does not need any "docking station" to replenish energy.

Not only the shine, but also the hallmark of quality workmanship is given to the pendant by the precious platinum-plated eyelet. The pendant includes a very nice, satin cord with a clever clasp. The cord can be selected from a wide range of beautiful colors and its length is preset to 26 inc (66 cm), so that it can be easily cut to the dimensions of your own ideal needs.


The Pendant covers 3ft around the body.


The Large Ball V 4.7


The unique Large Photin Ball 4.7 is made of the highest quality optical glass, specially treated with a high silicon compound content. This beautiful original piece is primirily used to hormonize body and space. 


Quartz is said to be the most perfect healing stone and can be used to solve any problem. It brings the energy chakras into harmony with each other and brings them into alignment with the higher subtle bodies. Silica reduces the risk of infectious diseases and stimulates the immune system.


The Photon Ball 4.7 comes with the original oak wood base, with white LED lights and power adapter.Thus, the properties of the sphere are also spread into space by photon transmission, which leads to the promotion of the transformation of digital pollution, the elimination of various negative influences and the neutralization of geological anomalies. It helps relieve stress, establishes a higher mental well-being and improves sleep. It is the flagship product of ALKYWAN.


It is best to place the Photon Ball in the middle of the property and let it work. Protect the Photon Ball from direct sunlight.


This powerful Photon can be used in the following areas:

Harmonizes the fear of social communication.

Helps to create and rekindle social connections

Our large photon radius of 500ft around the ball.


Do not place the product in a water environment or expose it to direct sunlight.



Set of Large Ball V 4.7 and Photon Pendant V 1.2

  • Pendant is 1 inch ( only paired with the Large Photon Ball)