The photon balls are made of the highest quality glass, with specially treated enamel according to our requirements and with a high content of quartz compound. Quartz is said to be the most perfect healing stone.


These beautiful original pieces are used primarily to relieve stress, to harmonize, for example, during meditation or as an aid to recharge personal batteries at work or away from home.

Silica reduces the risk of infectious diseases, stimulates the immune system and helps to eliminate various negative physical and psychological influences, which can also lead to increased mental well-being.


It is best to hold one photon ball in each palm. The energy of the palms comes from the heart and represents positive polarity. Protect the Photon Ball from direct sunlight.


The pair of mini photons can be used in the following areas:

Provides quick boost of energy when feeling tired.

Quick calming of the nervous system, great for anxiety.

Clearing of Meridian pathways.

Great for holding in palms during meditation.

Provides portable protection when in public areas.


Covers 5ft around the body.

Mini Photon Balls V 2.5

  • Mini Photons are 6 inches in circumference and weighs half pound each