Our main goal was to develop products whose functionality is based on science, so that we can be sure that they bring the results you expect. The new technology thus proves its relevance not only to humans and animals, but also to our very own planet due to its environmental friendliness. And all on the basis of real science. We firmly believe that we can help show you the way to true knowledge. A way to avoid falling for any of the dubious offers of various types of questionable instruments and devices, conceived on the basis of pseudoscience. This so-called pseudoscience only pretends to be a part of real scientific discourse, harms the development of scientific knowledge and, as a result, hinders the progress of all science towards this greater knowledge.

Currently, carbon forms are being transformed into finer silicon forms that better match the current increasing vibrations of planet Earth. ALKYWAN’s innovative silicon-based technology is therefore an ideal guide to support the transformation of all living forms. ALKYWAN technology is in essence a concentrator, filter and distributor of a selected spectrum of energy quanta to support living forms. Recent studies have demonstrated the very important finding that this technology has a highly positive impact, especially in the areas of cells, blood, circulation and hormonal balance. Indeed, the roots of all diseases lie in blood disorders caused by improper blood composition or circulation. The blood in its flow flows through the entire body and all the organs it nourishes and activates. Every foreign particle that enters the blood and every disharmony in the circulation disturbs the balance of the blood and its proper functioning. This causes various blood disorders and consequently diseases set in. Various vibrations and frictions are created in the body, which are the basis of energy generation. Disease is a sign that the cells are not generating enough energy or that their defense mechanisms are weak.

This method is therefore suitable from rehabilitation, through sports medicine to psychiatry. It has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. Thanks to its ability to concentrate energy flows, ALKYWAN technology creates the conditions for more broad-spectrum energy to be brought into a specific space, which can then be modulated into a band to support all living forms in the immediate vicinity of the technology. The living cells vibrate at high frequencies. Due to this fact, the device is not dependent on any external source, not even a source of “visible” light. It is therefore an easy, safe and effective aid and regeneration for everyone, which can moreover be applied in the comfort of your own home.