Photon energy works on the same premise as Solar Panels. Solar technology captures the photon power from the sun and distributes clean energy back into the main electrical system. Similarly, the Photon Ball induces the same effect in the body, mind, and personal space of the user. 


The photon is the smallest physical unit of light. It controls all biochemical reactions in the body and, activates its ability to heal. When the photon charge is lost and imbalanced, it affects the entire health system. To activate the healing process, it is crucial to restore the photon units directly through a clean photon energy source. 

When the photon spectrum around the biofield is in disharmony, our mental state is affected by uncontrollable voices. These disruptive voices can affect the spiritual connection of a person, causing one to feel detached from their emotional and mental state. This lack of energy creates disconnection and will affect the decision-making process as well as social, business, and personal relationships. 


Our technology transfers clean Photon Energy which activates the healing process in any area and field.  

The Photon Ball then transfers this Energy into the sub-atomic structure of the DNA, restoring the original genetic information and connection between the energetic and physical body.