Home and family are the two most important areas in a person's life. Therefore, we pay special attention to this area and the influence of photon energy in our research.


Over the past few years, humanity has experienced drastic changes. More and more people are forced or prefer to work from home. Forced quarantine revealed many problems of the modern family. Family members, forced to be together in the same space for a significant time, began to “acquaint themselves” with each other again. According to statistics, such an “acquaintance” influenced the growth of divorces and an increase in visits to family psychologists.


The role of schools fell on the shoulders of the parents. Parents were forced to participate in the process of teaching children actively. Also, this process revealed the problems of communication in the family as a whole, including children.


The exact process showed us the other side of family life: the need to stick together and be grateful for the opportunity to have physical contact and the chance to see our loved ones.


What happened to us? Many people live in a daily routine without noticing the details. Over time, family life turns into a routine from morning to evening and Sunday to Monday. Each member of the family has their own functional tasks and habits. In most cases, they are parallel to each other, and the family has the opportunity to reunite for a short time only during a joint dinner.


Additionally, our family relationships are affected by the rise of technology and social media's artificial “importance.” Human psychology is changing. Social networks' approval and attention become more important than contact with loved ones. A modern person is increasingly choosing favor of a new game instead of communicating with family. With the help of gadgets, we bring up "comfortable" children. And the relationships in the family are transformed from warm and close to simply comfortable. The family is detached.



Interestingly, the economy has a massive impact on family relationships. Over the past decades, our society has transformed into a culture of consumers. An oversaturated market created artificial interest in objectification, and further exacerbated  the problems of the modern family. More and more people are turning towards divorce and looking for a new partner instead of finding out the cause of the issues in the family. It is easier for a modern person to update the interior than to work on the actual cause of the house's loss of comfort and warmth.



Our photon balls can harmonize space, objects, and processes, creating a harmonious ecosystem out of chaos. This harmonization occurs due to the construction and activation of the photon area in space. The smallest photon particles set up the processes in the family, as a conductor unites and sets up the playing of the whole orchestra. Instead of cacophony and separately sounding instruments, we get a beautiful and harmonious melody, where each family member has their place and individuality. Moreover, each person is an essential part of the system.


Due to its unique properties, the photon area creates a harmonious ecosystem and improves the overall emotional background of the family. Photon energy balances the entire family's emotional and mental state. This opens the possibility of bringing family relationships on a higher level through better communication and understanding each other. In connection with the cleansing of unnecessary emotions, blocks, and fears, family members have the opportunity to become even closer to each other and “hear” each other. This opens the possibility of bringing family relationships on a higher level through better communication and understanding each other.



Physical health is one of the components of happiness. Photon ball affects the health of all family members and individually for a person. You can learn more about these properties here.


Pets are part of the family ecosystem. They, just like people, can experience emotions, fears and have health problems. In the process of studying the functions of the photon ball, we learned that animals have the same ability to heal and balance all body systems as a person. The pet can recover in the photon area, or the photon energy can be transferred to the animal through the host.



Another property of the photon ball, which we found in studying, is protection. The modern world is filled with gadgets, antennas, and radiation. All this affects the well-being and, as a result, reflects in the family. Photon Energy provides protection in the space from the effects of harmful frequencies coming from antennas, electronics, and all digital devices, affecting the overall emotional, mental, and physical state. Having a photon ball in the house, you can create a cozy and warm environment and protect yourself and your loved ones from the harmful effects of various radiations.