Health is the most important area of life. Our health and longevity are directly connected to our happiness and quality of life.  The burden of dis-ease affects our mental, emotional, and physical states. When the delicate balance of our internal light structure is in disharmony, it is reflected on all levels of existence. 


Our health is determined in the energetic light structure of the DNA, these light particles contain the necessary information to execute all physiological processes in the body.  Our DNA creates a specific vibration, which affects the Bio-Field including the physical body.  The biofield is an external energetical barrier which protects the physical body from harmful frequencies and pathogens. It also connects to all energy gateways and pathways in the body.  A weak biofield compromises the immune system and leaves the blood open to infection. 

Our mental and emotional health is also affected from imbalances and the accumulation of stuck negative emotions and traumas.  These negative experiences are stored in our subconscious and imprinted into our cellular memory. This accumulation of negative memories creates neural connections which becomes stronger over time. If the collection of these experiences is not cleared, it can trigger anxiety, overactive mind, high blood pressure and loss of energy.  In addition, being exposed to excessive EMF’s and digital pollution will further amplify the symptoms of stuck negative emotions.

 In our ongoing research through our clients, it was discovered that Photon energy clears the subconscious mind of negative cellular memories.  The Photon energy releases stuck emotional blockages, then creates an emotional detoxification effect. One can experience a multitude of emotions being cleared from the mind and body.  Additionally, the photon energy opens all meridian pathways to process and expel toxins released from negative emotions and harmful EMF’s. Once this is accomplished, the user will experience a “Lighter” feeling and sense of calm.

Ultimately, Photon energy restores the light structure of the DNA while simultaneously strengthening the biofield. This two- fold protection, gives the body an opportunity to reset, recharge and regenerate to its optimal state of being.


During our investigation we have discovered the following health benefits from using photon field:

  • Better sleep cycle

  • Balanced emotional state

  • Balancing of Hormonal Systems

  • Promotes Detoxification of the body

  • Increases Circulation

  • Immune Enhancement

  • Increased Energy

  • Decreased pain and inflammation