Success and recognition are two of the most important indicators of happiness in modern society. Every working day we succeed at least 8 hours a day. Many of us live to work, not work to live. Many put off family realization to redirect all their strength, time, and energy exclusively to success. We deprive ourselves of time for rest; we deprive our loved ones of time and care. We put our life on hold. And all this for the sake of success and recognition. But for many of us, recognition and success never come, and for many, it comes much later than expected. Why?


Modern man confuses success and prosperity. Each of us wants to be successful. We wish each other success for the holidays; success lives in our wallets, cars, and homes. We are proud of our family members for their success. Every child wants to become successful as a singer, actor, famous scientist, or astronaut. But not many of us achieve one or the other. Success begins with the form of a thought, a dream, a desire, a sense of possibility, and a belief in yourself and your project. Successful people are united by overcoming their fears and blocks.


Recognition is another important aspect of modern human life as a social being. It is essential for us to achieve the goal and have our success recognized by others. For some of us, recognizing only close people is essential; for others, recognizing large masses of people is necessary. On the way to recognition, a person also faces fears and psychological attitudes from childhood.


Photon particles can adjust all vital processes in the body. These processes are connected with the health of the physical body and the purification of a person from destructive attitudes, psychological blocks, emotional clamps, and fears that hold us back on the path to success and recognition.


Photon balls harmonize a person, resulting from the sphere of his life. The working energy of photon units can be directed by the person himself, another person-conductor, or the ball. Upon contact with the Photon area, a person receives "necessary" and individual help in a particular area. The photon energy reaching this area begins to harmonize and purify it.


Success and recognition are inextricably linked with social connections and communication. Photon energy helps a person get rid of fears and blocks associated with the communication. Such a person is easier to start and maintain a conversation. Thus, a person gets rid of what additionally interferes with communication and socialization. And the new habit of "communicating" creates new neural connections, which over time become a natural character and skill of a person. When fears and blocks go away, a person has the opportunity and desire to build new healthy professional connections and establish existing ones.


Sometimes success and recognition depend not on the individual but the whole team. Then our photon balls can harmonize space, objects, and processes, creating a harmonious ecosystem out of chaos. This harmonization occurs due to the construction and activation of the photon area in space. The smallest photon particles set up the processes in the group, as a conductor unites and sets up the playing of the whole orchestra. Instead of cacophony and separately sounding instruments, we get a beautiful and harmonious melody, where each participant has their place and personality. Moreover, each person is an important part of the system. It is enough to install a photon ball in the office or work space.



Another property of the ball photon, which we found in the process of studying, is protection. The modern world is filled with gadgets, antennas, and radiation. All this affects the well-being and, as a result, reflects on the work process. Photon Energy provides protection in the space from the effects of harmful frequencies coming from antennas, electronics, and all digital devices, affecting the overall emotional, mental, and physical state. Having a photon ball in your office can create a clean and well-tuned atmosphere for success.